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Individual therapy:

Individual counseling, therapy or psychotherapy involves working one-on-one with a counselor/therapist to create and implement an action plan leading to positive changes in your life.

Your action plan may include examining current or past issues, understanding your thoughts, feelings and actions, learning and implementing new skills, thought patterns, coping strategies, and behaviors. Some common reasons for seeking therapy are:



Chronic Pain or Illness

Relationship issues

Parenting concerns

Difficulty with life transition

Ineffectual coping mechanisms

Trauma, grief and loss

Career counseling

Young Adults:

I have experience working to help young adults overcome difficulties at home, college, and in other areas of their lives.  Common issues include:

Transitions – teen to young adult, young adult to adulthood, and other life transitions, such as college or entering the workforce

Parental Divorce





Emotion Regulation

Social Skills


Career Counseling

Women’s and Men’s Emotional Health and Life Transition Counseling:

I am passionate about issues that relate to life’s transitions.  Life transitions may include:

Adjusting to college

Work and career difficulties and transitions

Friendship/Relationship changes

Newly married or engaged

Divorce/end of long-term relationship

New baby

Understanding your sexuality

Re-entering the workforce

Loss of job


Retirement of spouse or self

Caring for aging parents

Dealing with a diagnosed illness and/or chronic pain

Counseling can help you navigate these transitions and develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with change.

 Parenting Skills:

Do you feel continually stressed out over parenting issues?  Whether you are a single parent or sharing the job with your partner, raising children can be a challenge.  I have years of experience as a school counselor and parent dealing with many childhood concerns.  My goal is to assist parents with developing skills, coping mechanisms, and the emotional strength needed to handle parenting challenges.  The first step towards successful parenting is emotionally healthy parents.  The second step is learning effective techniques for communicating with your child based on his or her age, developmental level, behavior, and temperament/personality.

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